Innovative Services was officially established in 2003 as a private company. We have been specialized in design and manufacturing cleaning tools including: ●Microfiber Cloths ● Dusters ● Mops ● Brushes ●Squeegees ●Buckets ●Misc. Accessories.

Over the past few years, we have been successfully  exporting 100% of our products worldwide(USA Market 60%, Europe Market 25%, other market 15%) punctually and effectively. And these years we have been continuing the growth of this promising business at average of 15% growth and will work along all the way to build up this export business in the next few years.

During these years, we have successfully developed hundreds of the innovative cleaning tools for the commercial customers as well as retail customers under private label project. And we will continue to focus on the new product development projects to develop more new items  and have people around the world enjoy the pleasure and innovation of our cleaning tools.